Scripture refers to the presence of God in many ways, but one of the most common ways the Scriptures denotes the presence of God is through fire. In this four-week series, we explore the ways in which God’s presence is symbolized by fire and the “smoke” that should show in our lives because of it. 


When We Meet...


Sunday Morning is our primary youth service. Doors open at 10:30AM. Come for snacks, games & to hang out. We worship in the 11AM service with everyone and head to our own room for the remainder of our youth service.


Join us every first Wednesday at 7pm for Church-wide First Wednesday Worship service. Summer Nights will kick off once a month June through August.

What We Do...

cfanYOUTH reaches out to teenagers all across the city, and stirs their hearts toward God with creativity, energy, and compassionate grace. We believe that developing leaders, presenting a relevant message in the Word of God, and partnering with parents are key elements of impacting this generation. We strive to build a life-giving culture which makes cfanYOUTH a safe and super fun place to be.

Who We Are...

Zach & Brittany Yocum

Youth Pastors NE Campus

Jim & Michelle Vickers

Youth Pastors SW Campus
Mar 24, 2024    Uriah Wehner , Pastor Zach Yocum, Jestine Rodriguez
Sexual Purity: Sexuality, Dating, Relationship- High School
Mar 17, 2024    Dr. David & Raquel Lazo
Love Gives Sacrifices- Middle School
Mar 17, 2024    Pastor Brittany Yocum
Agape Love: Loves Continuously- High School
Mar 10, 2024    Pastor Zach Yocum
Agape Love: Endures Always- Middle School
Mar 10, 2024    Pastor Brittany Yocum
Agape Love: Unconditional Love- Middle School
Mar 3, 2024    Pastor Brittany Yocum
Agape Love Never Quits- High School
Mar 3, 2024    Pastor Zach Yocum
Relationship Panel: The Lazos
Feb 25, 2024    Dr. David & Raquel Lazo, Zach & Brittany Yocum
What is Agape Love?
Feb 18, 2024    Pastor Zach Yocum
Consume or Contribute- Middle School
Feb 11, 2024    Pastor Brittany Yocum
The Valley of Sorek- High School
Feb 11, 2024    Pastor Zach Yocum
Keep Love Where It Belongs-Samson
Feb 4, 2024    Pastor Zach Yocum
Jan 28, 2024    Justin Rodwell, Darmea Tilmon, Zach & Brittany Yocum
Phileo Part 2: David & Jonathan- Middle school
Jan 21, 2024
Honor- High School
Jan 21, 2024    Pastor Zach Yocum
Phileo: Naomi & Ruth- Middle School
Jan 14, 2024    Pastor Brittany Yocum
Phileo: David & Jonathan- High School
Jan 14, 2024    Pastor Zach Yocum
Series Intro- Middle School
Jan 7, 2024    Pastor Brittany Yocum
Series Intro High School
Jan 7, 2024    Pastor Zach Yocum
The Servant
Dec 3, 2023    Pastor Zach Yocum
The Savage- Middle School
Nov 26, 2023    Pastor Brittany Yocum
Nov 19, 2023    Zach & Brittany Yocum, Gracen & Jacobi Beaman
Be In the World Not of It
Nov 12, 2023    Pastor Zach Yocum
The Story Teller- Middle School
Nov 5, 2023    Pastor Brittany Yocum
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