"It's Complicated" is all about relationships. Navigating relationships of any kind as a young person can be... complicated. How do we honor our parents when we don't agree with them? How do we develop friendships that are healthy? Who should I even be friends with now that I am stepping into middle school or high school? What on earth is a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Each Sunday we will be diving into these questions. The answer is always in the Bible. If we plan on having any type of healthy relationship, we need Jesus to be the cornerstone. Messages to be released bi-weekly on the app and website.

What We Do...

cfanYOUTH reaches out to teenagers all across the city, and stirs their hearts toward God with creativity, energy, and compassionate grace. We believe that developing leaders, presenting a relevant message in the Word of God, and partnering with parents are key elements of impacting this generation. We strive to build a life-giving culture which makes cfanYOUTH a safe and super fun place to be.

When We Meet...


Join us every First Wednesday of the month at 7pm at North East Campus for a worship service. This is a church wide event, and the youth get to hang out, eat and play games afterward.


Sunday Morning is our primary youth service. Doors open at 10:30AM. Come get some snacks and hang out. We worship in the 11AM service with everyone and head to our own room for the remainder of our youth service.


Life Groups are a staple of CFAN. We have life groups for our students that meet Wednesdays at 7:00pm (following the Life Group Semesters). For more information about the South West Campus, contact Pastor Jim Vickers. 


YTHX stands for a "Youth Experience". This is an ALL OUT PARTY! It's about experiencing God in a new and fresh way every month. We will be having new speakers, live worship, give aways, and more. This will be the last Wednesday of every month except May, August & December.

Who We Are...

Zach & Brittany Yocum

Youth Pastors NE Campus

Jim & Michelle Vickers

Youth Pastors SW Campus