India Gospel League
Samuel Stephens

India Gospel League

To facilitate heart change by bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to rural Indian culture through holistic ministry and empowering indigenous pastors to move from village to village with the complete package of the life changing Word of God


The ministry began with one man’s conversion from Hinduism to Christianity over 150 year ago through the Salvation Army missionaries in the 1860s. Rev. Samuel D. Stephens is the third generation leader of the India Gospel League (IGL), which was founded in 1948 by Samuel’s grandfather. He served as a barefoot pastor until his father’s death in 1988 when he assumed leadership of the ministry. Since then, more than 80,000 village churches have been planted in the past 25 years with a current growth rate of 7,000 churches per year.

Ministry Objectives

Equipping barefoot pastors to walk between villages sharing the story of Jesus

Training new Christians in the scriptures, prayer, and worship and bringing these groups together to form a congregation

Identifying potential evangelists and pastors and entering them into a full-time, 3 year study program

Teaching potential evangelists and pastors to plant a church that meets needs in the community

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