Springs Rescue Mission
Colorado Springs


To see lives transformed and filled with hope as our community works together to fight homelessness, poverty and addiction.


In 1996, our founders began providing sandwiches to homeless people in Colorado Springs in parks and under bridges. At the same time, they began inviting young homeless couples to stay in their home to give them a head start on life-change. Soon after, they opened a food pantry in one room of a small building. These humble beginnings rapidly grew into a wide range of programs intended to serve the 27,000 households living below the poverty line in the Pikes Peak region.

Ministry Objectives

Meeting residents “where they are”

Providing life sustaining aid

Providing a welcoming and safe environment that promotes transformation and empowerment

Promoting grace, truth and healing

Treating guests and residents with dignity and respect

Providing pathways out of homelessness

Providing access to additional services and solutions (outside of SRM)

No one is denied services because of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin

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