Rick & Denise Renner

Rick Renner Ministires

In 1991, Rick and Denis Renner moved their family to what is now the former Soviet Union and founded a church in Latvia which was the first church since the Bolshevik Revolution. They later moved to Moscow and founded Moscow Good News Church in 2000. The church is still growing, and the one of the Renner’s sons is now co-pastoring with Rick. Rick and Denise also launched a church in the Ukraine in 2007, and founded Media Mir – the first Christian television network in the former USSR. Rick and Denise teach God’s Word through books, television, magazines, the internet, letters, seminars, church meetings, audio-visual materials, and personal ministry. They strengthen believers in the Kingdom of God through the Good News Churches, Good News Association of Pastors and Churches, the IMPART ministerial network, and the Good News Seminary. They also rescue the hurting and lost with outreaches to the poor, the elderly, the destitute, orphans, widows, and even ministers in financial need

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