Mayfield Counseling

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Mark and Sarah Mayfield founded Mayfield Counseling in July 2015. Their desire is that any person who walks through their doors will find clarity, hope and purpose. Throughout 2016 and into 2017, a new awareness of mental health needs in our community grew. In response to those needs, Mayfield Counseling re-incorporated into a 501C3 non-profit  and rebranded as Mayfield Counseling Centers in March, 2017. Their vision—to encourage and empower clients to enjoy life and grow toward their full potential—is coupled with exceptional care as they continue seeking ways to expand their availability and presence in neighborhoods throughout our community. Currently, Mayfield Counseling Centers are responding to the epidemic of teen and adult suicides by opening a counseling center in the Northgate/Flying Horse area of northern Colorado Springs. This new center will focus on partnering with local schools and churches, in addition to the specific neighborhood.

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