Joshua & Bevin Bold


Through global partnerships to see the Great Commission become the Great Completion.


Joshua and Bevin Bold served as missionaries in Iraq for 5 years. Upon returning to the states, they met Dr. Foltz and attended one of his trainings. They immediately fell in love with the strategy that AIMS presented in reaching unreached people groups. Today, Josh and Bevin are at the helm of AIMS leading the charge to reach 3,500 people groups (half of the world’s unreached people groups) within the next 5 years.

Ministry Objectives

Helping to bring closure to the Great Commission by taking the Gospel to every people group on earth.

Equipping the Church for strategic cross-cultural ministry by providing seminars, overseas conferences and transferable training materials.

Encouraging the Church to adopt the world’s least reached peoples, with the goal of establishing church planting movements in their midst.

Building international partnerships that will network their resources in strategic ministry through evangelistic and discipleship ministries, and church planting movements.

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