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AUGUST 9, 2020 // BIG IDEA: "I Reach Out and Use My Gifts!"


Oh Hey, Parents! We will be graduating all students to their next grade level on August 2, 2020. In the meantime, please continue to check them into the grade they recently completed. We are excited to see them step into this next year as we continue to reach new faith together!

This means that your child will be moving up one grade in our services on August 2nd.  (For example: If they were in 3RD grade before summer, they will move up to our 4TH grade life group! If they just finished Kindergarten, they will move into our elementary room for the very first time!)

We will also have a time in our elementary services (Grades 1st-5th) on August 2nd to pray over, honor, and send off our 6th graders to begin their journey in CFANyouth! On Wednesday night, August 12th, we will have a special celebration time at our youth summer groups to welcome our incoming 6th graders! We are so excited to celebrate with you as they step into this new season of their life!


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