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As we navigate through the uncharted territory that we have all been thrust into surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, I feel alerted to the mental health issues that are likely to arise as individuals are isolated, facing challenges with their home life and jobs, as well as wrestling with uncertainty in many areas.
With this in mind, I have asked two respected individuals who are on the front lines in our community helping to bring hope and restoration to be a part of this discussion. Dr. Mark Mayfield and David Galvan will be with me for this crucial conversation.
Dr. Mark Mayfield is a licensed professional counselor (LPC), a Board Certified Counselor, and Founder and CEO of Mayfield Counseling Centers, which has two locations in Colorado Springs. He has extensive experience within the realm of substance abuse. He has worked with gang members in the inner-city of Denver, developed adolescent and family therapy programs working with at-risk youth. Dr. Mayfield works tirelessly to make care available to all in our community who may need it.
David Galvan has led Education for a Lifetime since 2013. Through this program David and his team have the opportunity to go into local high schools to teach students about sexual risk avoidance and healthy decision making. He has presented to thousands of youth in churches and schools over the last decade. Throughout his experience he has gained an understanding of the unique challenges teens face in our digital age. David is passionate about sharing truth with young minds and reminding each student of their value.


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