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Guest Speaker: Kamal Saleem | Sunday, Apr 11

Kamal Saleem will be with us this Sunday! Kamal is uniquely equipped with tremendous insight into today’s world situation with a wealth of knowledge concerning the true culture and agenda of Radical Islam, and he carries a message from God to awaken the Church through the truth, education, and relationship.
Kamal was born into a large Sunni Muslim family in the Middle East. At age seven, he was recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood and completed his first mission to Israel. Kamal came to America with the goal of converting as many Christians and Jews as possible. However, after a serious accident, he encountered unconditional love through Christians and cried out to God as his Savior. Ever since that day, Kamal has had a new mission as an Ambassador for Christ. Kamal has appeared on CNN, CBS News, and Fox News programs, and has spoken on terrorism and radical Islam at Stanford University, the University of California, the Air Force Academy, and other institutions nationwide. He is also the author of The Blood of Lambs.