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Ivan Tait

Ivan Tait

Do You Love Me (9AM)

Do You Love Me (11AM)

The Lord is Our Healer (11AM)

The Lord is Our Healer (9AM)

The Music of Forgiveness (11AM)

The Music of Forgiveness (9AM)

Your Relationship With the Word

Light Walker

The Blessing of God

The Orphan Spirit (Part 2)

The Orphan Spirit (Part 1)

The Search For Happiness (6/26/16)

Priceless You (6/26/16)

Conference Part 2

Conference Part 1

March 13 2016

Men’s Conference Part 2

Men’s Conference Part 1

December 13 2015

December 7 2014 (11AM)

December 7 2014 (9AM)

Walking Out of the Man Desert (4/14/12)