Discipleship is where you can grow and develop in your personal relationship with Jesus. Whether you recently committed your life to Christ or you’ve been in church a long time, Discipleship is a great way to develop understanding and build a solid foundation for your faith. 

We know that it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, so we have mentors who want to walk with you step by step through this journey. We have 5 different courses you can go through to strengthen your faith, or you can go through one-on-one Discipleship if you prefer.

Step One

Build a common ground understanding of foundational truths


Step Two

Build foundation of living a Spirit-filled life and understanding the gift of the Holy Spirit

Step Three

Build foundation of the power prayer and praying God’s will

Step Four

Build foundation for living a victorious life and understanding a kingdom mindset

Step Five

Become a leader/mentor and walk others through this journey

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