Senator Lundberg Speaks to CIT on 1/27/21 at 7PM – VIDEO

KEVIN LUNDBERG is a former Colorado State Senator and currently the Executive Director of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado whose focus is to provide voice for conservative values in the Colorado legislature.


“As a member of the Colorado legislature I had many opportunities to take the easy way out and leave the hard fight for someone else, but that was never my style. I tenaciously introduced bills year after year to go after the big issues. I pushed for a rainy-day fund, fought to keep the integrity of the Tax Payers Bill of Rights, argued for Medicaid reform, introduced alternatives to our crippling education costs, stood up to protect traditional marriage and the lives of the unborn, and daily fought the insidious growth and power of government over the everyday lives of citizens.”


“Issues may come and go, but our values never change, and you can know that I will never back down in protecting your freedoms. I believe that governments are instituted among men to protect their inalienable, God-given rights, and that our government was designed for the power to come from the bottom up, not the top down.


Sen. Lundberg has recently published a book entitled Unmasked 2020: Colorado’s Radical Left Turn  and a Warning to America, which will be available to purchase at the CIT meeting. .

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