UPDATE: CIT Meeting CHANGED to March. 4 – 7pm Election Fraud: Where do we go from here?

Rescheduled for Thursday, March 4th at 7PM.

The meeting will be livestreamed on YouTube

at Church For All Nations Culture Impact Team

The meeting is recorded and will be on the

website a few days following the event.

Questions taken at event only

Come hear what’s going on Nationally, in Colorado and El Paso county and how you can get involved.

We will be hearing from a group of informed citizens and legislators who will be discussing the issue. There will be time for Q&A.

Neal Schuerer, former Iowa State Senator
Neal is a leader in The National Article V Movement. Because election
integrity is the cornerstone of our representative republic, he is
currently working with leaders throughout the U.S., within Colorado,
and within El Paso County to restore election integrity.

Ashe Epp, Co-Founder U.S. Election Integrity Project

Ash is the Co-Founder of the US Election Integrity Project, a grassroots
effort that began in Colorado with the goal of restoring transparency,
accountability and trust to Colorado and Federal elections.

Paul Lundeen, Colorado State Senator, District 9
Before being elected to the Senate, Paul served two terms in the
Colorado House and four years on the State Board of Education. On
February 16 of this year he introduced a voting integrity bill in the
Senate, SB21-007 02/16/2021: https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb21-007.

Stephanie Luck, Colorado Representative, House District 47
Stephanie is pro-family, pro-life and articulates and defends the
founding principles that built this country. She is concerned about the
Colorado we are building for the next generation.

Mark Braunlich, J.D.
Mark is an attorney with a passion to reserve our unalienable rights of
conscience. As an American working in Soviet Russia in the late 80’s
and early 90’s, he saw an all-powerful state crush the spirits of men,
women and children.


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