About Culture Impact Team


  • National Level: Family Research Council (FRC) - http://www.cultureimpact.org/ for training videos, resources, and information.
  • State Level: (FRC) for the Family Policy Council (FPC) in your state: http://www.cultureimpact.org/fpc click on the map of the USA for your state
  • Colorado: Church For All Nations Culture Impact Team: cit@churchforallnations.com
  • International Level: At present, Culture Impact Teams operate within the USA. For international connections, contact www.truthandliberty.net

What does a Culture Impact Team do?

  • Educate and inform the pastor and the congregation about legislative threats, government and cultural infringement on our rights of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
  • Give an outlet for action for those in your congregation who are passionate to see our culture and our Government return to Godly values
  • Provide voter registration in your church and in your community
  • Organize and staff petition drives, rallies, appearances at your state capitol and visits to their legislators
  • Invite legislators and experts to speak to your Culture Impact Team
  • Invite experts to train your people in phone calling and campaigning for Godly candidates for office
  • Provide your Culture Impact Team with powerful videos where experts can do the talking without your having to invite them to travel and appear before a small group

Mission, Vision & Strategy Statement


The Culture Impact Team exists to educate, equip, and mobilize the church and community on issues affecting faith, family, and freedom.


  • To inform the people of the State of Colorado regarding Biblical citizenship.
  • To develop relationships with our elected officials and hold them accountable to adhere to our State and Federal Constitutions. 


  • Provide speakers who will address topics related to our mission and vision.
  • Maintain an effective website and communication platforms.
  • Enlarge our audience through all available media.
  • Provide citizen alerts, as needed, on urgent issues.
  • Research and provide voting records of elected officials.
  • Distribute non-partisan Voter Guides.
  • Conduct and encourage Voter Registration.
  • Circulate petitions supporting our mission, vision and values.
  • Hold candidate forums for elections.
  • Assist others in starting Culture Impact Teams.
  • Network with churches in the 64 counties of Colorado.
  • Identify and encourage potential candidates to run for elected office.

We are committed to reporting the truth and maintaining a reputation of integrity. If by chance we have misreported something or have news that is incorrect we will immediately correct and post. Please contact us if you know something on our website to be false.

Message to Pastors

There are people already in your pews who are passionate about engaging the culture, taking action, changing the political process. Barna research shows that congregants want pastors to speak from the pulpit about social issues and what the Bible says about them. Will you be judged one day for being Politically Correct and not offending the culture, or will you be judged for being Biblically correct to the flock Jesus placed under your care?

Government Prayer Altar

  • All believers in Christ have a responsibility to respond to the Biblical command to pray for those in authority
  • You can pray with confidence in the authority that God has given in His Scriptures
  • We can provide you with a PowerPoint presentation that we use to speak aloud together the promises, commands, and judgments in God’s Word. It includes maps of the US and of our state and pictures of our president, our governor and Godly candidates for office, you can tailor it for your region. Please contact us for access.


Our recommendation of other ministries, organizations or individuals does not constitute an endorsement of all they stand for. It means that we have recognized information, services, or assistance that is/are beneficial to the preservation of personal religious liberties. We are not responsible for imagery generated by YouTube. Videos also may be censored at any point and become no longer available.


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