We The People

Pastor Mark Cowart
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SB20-163 School Entry Immunization (June 2020)

CIT - Carolyn Martin | SB20-163 School Entry Immunization (June 2020)
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Pastor Jack Hibbs on Scripture and Current Events

What nations will emerge for or against God? https://churchforallnations.com/cit/wp-admin
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Why Christians should get involved in politics.

Debbie Chaves of Colorado Family Action Foundation and Pastor Mark Cowart of Church For All Nations in Colorado Springs, CO explain how and why Christians should become involved!
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Culture Impact Teams in Action

See an example of a fully-developed Culture Impact Team at Chino Hills Calvary Chapel with Pastor Jack Hibbs and Gina Gleason.
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Why America is Great and Socialism is not!

Listen to Charlie Kirk at the Western Conservative Summit 2019 tell why America is great and why socialism has failed.
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Jim Garlow on Christians and Politics

Should Christians be involved in politics? Listen to Dr. Jim Garlow explain what the Bible says.
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How the Bible can be used in Public Schools

Here are the most recent laws from the Colorado State Code which allow the use of the Bible in public schools.
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Pastors speak to pastors

Dr. Jim Garlow talks to pastors on whether they should speak out on social, cultural issues, “politics”: Here’s a link to the 15-minute video:
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Free Enterprise vs. Socialism

Former U. S. Congressman Bob McEwen explains the exceptional qualities that have made America great; he also explains how to know who to vote for!
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Comprehensive Sex Education

 11-minute video “The War on Children” which details the global agenda of the UN and its agencies, such as UNICEF, and Planned Parenthood and its international arm IPPF.  It details the global push for the curriculum which is being promoted in Colorado through CO HB19-1032.  These organizations have “co-opted” terms such as Abstinence, which sounds…
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What has changed in America’s Culture to allow school shootings?

In the video below, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin articulates clearly what things have changed in our culture that have resulted in school shootings and that laws banning guns will not solve the current problem:
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Biological Sex, Psychological Identity and Transgenderism

Dr. Michelle Cretella, Pediatrician, discusses how sex is determined.
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Pastor: Are you being too Political or being Biblical?

See what Bible leaders did when facing their government leaders!
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