55 & Older

About Vintage Prime

Vintage Prime is a place for people to connect and serve within CFAN, and also a place to reach out to our community. They host multiple day trips each year, travel to the other campuses for fellowship and special events, and they locate areas of serving at local ministries.
According to Pastor Ken, “Vintage can be defined as “excellent”, and Prime is “that which is poured out upon another”. Simply said, Vintage Prime is willing to share with others from a life of excellence.
“As long as there is life, there is purpose,” said Pastor Ken Willard as he laid out the direction and belief behind the senior adult’s ministry at CFAN.
Through Vintage Prime we connect, outreach, and minister to the community. They host multiple day trips every year.  Whether it is traveling to the Liberal campus for a game night, going to Denver to check out the mint and capitol, or helping out at a local soup kitchen, Vintage Prime stays active and effective.  
According to Pastor Ken, “The word vintage is more than just old, and being prime is more than being a steak.”
“We like to think of ourselves as a group of experienced adults who have a lot to offer any generation. We desire to see the generations below us glean from our experiences and surpass us in doing great things,” he said.
Pastor Ken has had a heart to see the senior adults of Church For All Nations become involved and active in all of the church’s available ministries. Ever since he took over Vintage Prime in January 2008, it has been a goal to build and grow the ministry—not just with numbers but in challenging each other to grow spiritually as well. Setting up events and making it easy for Vintage Prime to get involved with the community is one of his main desires.
When Pastor Ken first took over the ministry, it was a simple group that got together one Friday a month, growing in prayer, the Word, and as a team. Over the years, it has developed into something new and refreshing. “I know we have so much to offer, whether it’s through life experience, knowledge, or spiritual downloads. We want to always be pouring into the generations surrounding us.”
Be looking for events and opportunities to show up in the Livewire announcements and online. We would love to have you as part of this ministry!