Help Plant a Tree in Africa!

africa-iconWe have a unique opportunity to make a huge difference. In churches, prisons, schools, women’s groups, and families.

By planting a tree in Uganda you are giving a gift that literally keeps on giving for years to come! What a tremendous way to bear much fruit both in the natural and in the Kingdom of God.

Planting a tree is a sustainable and prosperous way to take the gospel throughout Uganda, while at the same time bringing holistic transformation to families, communities, churches, schools, and other institutions. It is also a very practical way to combat the endemic malnutrition in rural areas of Uganda.

We currently have Washington and Valencia oranges budded and grafted, ready to plant right now. These will produce export quality fruit. Also, we have four different varieties of export quality mangoes ready for planting.   These trees will provide much needed income, especially money for school fees which is always a major struggle for African families.

Already 22 prisons have asked for tree seedlings. In addition to the food provided for the prisoners themselves, we will provide education and marketable skills in the growing and nurturing of high yield fruit trees. This is an effective prison outreach that will make a multi-dimensional impact.

Every primary and secondary school we have spoken to has pleaded with us to provide them with seedlings.

There is also tremendous opportunity with our Women’s groups which we are currently working with with in BANCS Microfinance and we currently have requests from churches that we are in relationship with for 2000 trees for their church properties.

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1 tree $2.50 — 10 trees $25.00 — 50 trees $125.00 — 100 trees $250.00